Our Process

Carries Forbes' products adopt traditional artisanal elements of Morocco to create unique, modern, yet timeless designs. The collection is entirely handcrafted in Morocco, one of the few countries remaining with ancient artisanal skills. Carrie Forbes shoes showcase an indigenous weave to Morocco, a skill honed over decades. 

Our sandals and bags are hand-woven with dyed natural raffia. The raffia used to craft our products is sourced directly from the leaves of the Raffia palm, a tree native to tropical Africa and Madagascar. The natural raffia is dyed and then sent to the female artisans to begin the one to two-day weaving process to create one pair of shoes. 
Each sandal style is laboriously woven by hand on shoe lasts and contains an Italian leather sole. With each sandal being created by hand, it evokes a cultured and enduring style. Our handbags consist of hand-woven raffia as well as hand-crocheted work. Depending on the style, our crocheted handbags are made of a Rayon or Polyester cord. Each bag takes four to eight hours of arduous crochet work. ​



Our Process | Carrie Forbes