At Carrie Forbes, we’re conscious about sustainability- that’s why our material comes straight from nature. Our handwoven products are sourced from the leaves of the Raphia Farinifera palm. During the sourcing process, the delicate Palm tree stays intact and no harm is done to its nature. Extracting  its raffia fibers does not disturb its ability to continue growing or producing. Natural raffia is 100% biodegradable and will become one with the earth just a few months after proper disposal. It’s vegan, compostable, and safe for the environment.

We’re committed to doing what’s right. 

Carrie Forbes has made it possible for our talented, women led weavers overseas to engage in work-life balance. We pay fair wages to promote opportunity and fairness. As a quality first driven brand- we make sure it reflects through every aspect of our company- down to the quality of life of those who service us. We’ve been  committed to leading our brand with ethics and just practices since 1989 and we strive to continue to be innovative and progressive as time moves forward.

Sustainability | Carrie Forbes